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Super comfortable shirt with a great design for any Metal Gear Solid fan. I love the subtle design that'll be seen by fans of the series and fellow video gamers without looking like a giant advertisement.

Excellent breathable shirt, brilliant design

I was attending PAX 2010 when I came across the Fangamer booth and this shirt immediately caught my eye. I love the Metal Gear Solid series so this was a no brainer. I bought the heather black and this has to be one of my most comfortable shirts I own, the 50/50 and the print colored into the actual shirt just makes it that much better. As someone else has said, it is just hard for someone to actually understand the shirt but I think it makes it that much more unique - rather have these than be a walking billboard for clothing brands. Thanks Fangamer!

One of the best shirts I own. If only people would get the reference.

Rather than waxing emotional about the comfort level of this shirt I will direct you to the author above me as she has done a much better job of it. So far only two people have gotten the Metal Gear reference. If your social circles consist of those who have not played the game then be prepared for many many, "Is that Starfox?" comments.

A totally honest review from a staff member

Full disclosure, I am a staff member of Having said that, I am also a human being who wears shirts both inside and outside of the house, so I feel qualified to have an opinion.

I can say with no hint of hyperbole or irony that the Special Forces 50/50 is, without a doubt, the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn in my entire life. Imagine a cave of silkworms that have been commissioned to spin half cotton and half polyester in concert, working together in harmony under the Fangamer floorboards making thousands of perfect gray shirts. This is not how these shirts are made, but it could be, because that's how soft and smooth these shirts are. You may ask why I have chosen to review Special Forces, and not our other 50/50s. The reasons for this are twofold: one, this was my first 50/50, and two, I've been told it's a fox on the front, but it looks like a Corgi and I like Corgis.

I hope this review has been helpful; thank you for your consideration.

Special Forces

by Jon Kay

Sold out!

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An elite shirt woven from high-tech materials, designed to maintain its tactical integrity in the face of high-pressure wash cycles. It resists the kind of oppressive dryer heat that would shrink a normal cotton shirt, because polyester...polyester never changes.

This latest reprint features:

  • 3 (count 'em!) print locations: chest, sleeve, and tag
  • Soft, thin, 3-color waterbase print
  • An updated design
  • 1" bonus pin
Unisex XS-2X American Apparel BB401
Unisex 3X-4X Port & Company PC54
Unisex 5X Gildan 8000
Women's XS-4X District Made DM108L

Printed by Forward Printing in California, these shirts are discharge printed with waterbase inks -- in other words, the ink is dyed right into the shirt for a sharp, smooth, soft print.

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