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A Definitive Guide to Speedrunning

This book presents both basic and advanced concepts in speedrunning in a readable, knowledgeable, and entertaining way. I was thrilled to see so much material and such a detailed level of discussion. The science and techniques of speedrunning have advanced so far in the past ten years or more that this undergraduate-level textbook has all the justification it needs to exist. The illustrations kept me smiling and laughing the whole way. This is THE speedrunning book, and I suspect history will mark this as the first definitive work on the subject.

Fantastic Book

The physical quality of this book is amazing. Great binding, pages, cover, etc. The information Koziel packs inside is interesting and organized well. No matter what your relationship to speedrunning is - from never-heard-of-it to setting records - you'll have a good time learning something.

Well worth the money

Anyone who has watched Omnigamer's stream knows how meticulous he is. The attention to detail in this book is incredible.

Groundbreaking quality

Speedrun Science isn't merely the first book ever written on the topic of speedrunning; it's also an extremely good book. The debuting author displays genuine talent for explaining complex topics in simple terms without compromising integrity or sacrificing detail. Content quality is coupled with excellent layout, visual style, editing and high quality print in hardcover. This is truly a book anyone interested in speedrunning would benefit reading, regardless of their knowledge level. A born classic that marks arguably the most important milestone yet in the history of speedrunning.

I am in awe of Omnigamer.

Very detailed and superb quickly!

I knew this was going to be great but it truly blew away my expectations. It is incredibly detailed and jam packed full of very high quality information. Everything is described so well that you can enjoy it no matter what your level of understanding is when it comes to speedrunning. There are many pictures and graphs to help describe certain concepts in case you are having issues understanding or if you are interested in seeing applications of many concepts. This book is highly recommended for anybody remotely interested in speedrunning. I love this book!

Speedrun Science: A Long Guide To Short Playthroughs

by Eric Koziel


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Learn about the history and philosophy behind the speedrunning hobby and community—and how to start planning runs yourself—with this book by computer engineer and obscure-game speedrunner Eric "Omnigamer" Koziel.

Speedrun Science examines the motivations and principles of speedrunning, explores how it evolved over the past several decades, and presents an entire guide for running a game from scratch. Each section is supported with quotes from significant runners and gaming personalities, in-game examples, expansive technical sidebars, and wonderful illustrations from the very talented Kari Fry! Whether you're completely new to speedrunning or are a seasoned veteran, Speedrun Science will help you better appreciate and grow into this fascinating activity! 

In this free preview PDF, you'll get the history of speedrunning events, from the Nintendo World Championships to GDQ; discover how video refresh rates and version differences make speedrunners' lives a little more difficult; and learn how to plan a run, from picking a game to defeating a boss efficiently.

Hardback • 7.5" by 9" • 352 pages

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