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What's so wonderful about Fangamer is the obvious love & effort that goes into every product for sale on this site; the Thimbleweed Park Collector's Game Box is no exception.

The county map & newspaper were both extremely detailed & enhanced my experience while playing the game.

As a 90's kid who grew up playing Humongous Entertainment & LucasArts PC games, receiving a physical CD-ROM copy of Thimbleweed Park provided me with a welcome feeling of sentimentality & nostalgia.

Also included in the Box are themed stickers & Specks of Dust/Post-It Notes, a basic game manual & a floppy disk which I've just learned contains some great goodies...

Thank you, Fangamer!

Worth it!

I was born in 1983,so nostalgia is a big thing for me.I grew up reading and hearing about all the classic 90s adventures,seeing ads and screenshots in computer magazines,but didn't have a PC to enjoy them myself back then.
So I never had an old-style adventure game collector's edition and Thimbleweed Park's CE actually gave me the chance to feel how it would have been.The box and it's contents is just amazing,it's totally worth it if you're a fan of the era and the stuff included is just quality.Thanx for taking the effort and the care to actually make the box and the whole game pretty darn epic.

Lost quest from childhood

Props to Fangamer for this awesome box! It is a real gem from the 90's. I am a huge fan of classic point-and-click quests and it is great to have this box in my collection! Thank you Fangamer!

Wonderful Game Box from the 90s

I have to thank Fangamer very much for this nice game box and the other Thimbleweed Park stuff. I am a great fan and its such a lovely work they put in to, one can admire a lot. It brings me back to the early 90s, where the games are brought out with nice boxes. It's an amazing work with the content of the box, i.e. the newspaper and the funny roadmap.

Thank you again, dear Fangamer team,

Best wishes from Dresden, Germany

Big Box Memories

Here we have an old-school big box edition of the brilliant new graphic adventure 'Thimbleweed Park', a game which trades on its developers shared history at Lucasarts where they put together what are considered by most people to be some of the finest of the graphic adventure genre.

The game itself is a colourful update of classic late 80s early 90s graphic adventures like Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. The beautiful thing for fans of those games is that Ron Gilbert(creator of MI series co-creator of MM), David Fox(Zak McKracken), Gary Winnick(co-creator of MM) are all on board for this. The game has a lot of humour and brings you right back to those times and features plenty of in-jokes.

As well as the game you get a Floppy Disk (sprite sheets on it). You get a map of TWP, A Newspaper, a Game Manual some Stickers and Post-It notes (Specs of Dust).

This collection is a wonderful thing to behold- it feels looks & is just like an old style big box, only this is packed with goodies unlike the old days where you just got the disks and manual.

I'm seriously considering buying another copy to keep the one I have and just put it on my shelf.
I only have two games still in shrink-wrap and it will look great on my shelf!

The thing is none of these goodies would mean a thing if the game was not up to scratch but the game is fantastic and well worth your time and money (about 20 hours play time) this collectors edition just puts icing on the retro cake.


Thimbleweed Park Collector's Game Box


Sold out!

Recreate a happier time when software like Thimbleweed Park™ came in a box from stores. This collector’s edition box will delight for generations to come.

In addition to a multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) copy of the game on DVD, it contains a black-and-white manual, a fold-out “Explore Thimbleweed Park Country” free tourist map, a 10/13/87 edition of the Thimbleweed Nickel, bonus stickers, the Official Thimbleweed Park™ Post-it Note™ Speck of Dust™ (not actual size) and a floppy disk.

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