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Tiny Cartridge - Tiny Cart Sticker Pack

by Maré Odomo

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Product Description

Pretend you're in an alternate universe in which artist Maré Odomo designs sweetly heartbreaking games, and your favorite portable gaming site's mascot can take a nap in your console.

These stickers are designed to fit perfectly on 3DS and DS games -- you can bring new life to old or unattractive cartridges, pretty up bland-looking homebrew devices, decorate the lid of your handheld, or slap them on any other surface that needs a smile.

  • Face in a Cart - Tiny Cartridge's iconic mascot, now available as a for-real tiny cartridge
  • Letters to an Absent Father - A tender note from Maré Odomo's wistful comic series
  • (Creepy) Black - Own the haunted game, the creepiest of pastas
  • Kissing Party - Give your lips practice with casual pecks or passionate make-out moments

Each pack of four stickers comes with a special (virtual) gift from Maré Odomo and Tiny Cartridge. Printed by the twee gamers at Standout Stickers in Ohio.