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love it!!!! :3

Amazing pillow it was awesome when I got it but there was a rip unfortunately but it was no big deal I could easily sew it together again. The fabric is super soft and nice and i absolutely loved it very high quality! Unfortunately I do not know where to put him right now should I put him on my bed or on the bedside he's very flat lol flat. But the pillow is very quirky and original but overall it is a very high-quality pillow and I suggest if anybody wants a friend that will absorb your ancient artifacts lol

The best pillow i own so far

I got this two months ago with the annoying dog socks. It came bigger and softer than i expected! The quality is PERFECT! It also gives a very nice touch in my room:). It has a zipper so you can wash it easily. Perfect for cuddles, I love it! Thank you so much fangamer for this amazing pillow! I highly recommend buying this pillow/plush! ❤

Awesome Pillow

Received mine today. I love the Annoying Dog, so I bought this. I was worried if it would be a cheap quality fabric and foam, but I would love it unconditionally. I was not expecting this god of a plush though. Great quality memory foam, a soft casing and is huge! If I had enough money, I'd buy 2. Also, it comes with a zipper, so you can wash the casing. 10/5 stars.

Love this little (not so little tbh) dog!!

He arrived quite fast since I wasn’t expecting him to come home so soon, and i am so happy now!
He beyond soft and squishy, it is very comfortable to cuddled with him! I trust him to guard my dreams any day. Another thing about him is that he truly is big, I wasn’t expecting him to be close to 17x14 in!!
I’m truly happy with my purchase from here again :)

its good!



Annoying Dog Memory Foam Plush


Save $3Annoying Dog Socks

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* (You look at the Fangamer tweet for some sort of explanation, but it's already been absorbed by the dog.)

This official UNDERTALE plush's removable soft cover hides a strangely two-dimensional memory foam interior. For your own good, please keep out of reach of Cell Phones, Legendary Artifacts, and Game Engines...

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