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The delivery was delayed by.. I don't remember, but it still came relatively quickly.
Came in great condition, been listening to it over and over and over and over and over and-

The human approves this music.

Well, its fine, good, great, successful, and excellent in condition, listening wise, delivery,... .. . . . and very good music to listen to again and again. So I thank you guys and your Haiku Bot for my delivery. Five A+s out of five A+s.


Bought this on Bandcamp, and right after I realized there are physical CD's I HAD to own them!


After obsessively listening to these tracks on Youtube, I knew I needed to have physical copies. Was thrilled to find that they were sold here, only to see that they were sold out. :(
Waited a couple months and jumped on them as soon as they were back in stock. Received them today along with The Purple Side and some other things, and couldn't be happier!

Two Thumbs Up

I think the tracks on the CD's are perfect the composers did an amazing job. a small few could use some work but for the most part the scores really represented the original Undertale tracks well. I like the art and the fact that the two discs are separate the only complaint I have is that the CD's are not in jewel cases I know it's a stupid sounding complaint but for the price a Jewel case would be nice. Otherwise it's perfect!


Determination CD Double Album

by RichaadEB and Ace Waters


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A double album of metal and electronic-inspired UNDERTALE covers by RichaadEB and Amie Waters, now available on CD! (Plus, check out the companion album, Determination: The Purple Side.) 

RED (Music by RichaadEB)

  1. Nascency
  2. Oase de Dans (ft. ToxicxEternity)
  3. Stay the Course
  4. Electric Balboa
  5. Exception (ft. Tsuko G. and Eruption)
  6. Arachnophilia
  7. Run of Show (ft. FamilyJules7x)
  8. Desperation
  9. Wrath and Cowardice (ft. Amie Waters)
  10. An Evening with the Unhallowed
  11. Nihilist (ft. ThunderScott)
  12. Catharsis

BLUE (Music by Amie Waters)

  1. Ingress (ft. RichaadEB)
  2. Above the Magma
  3. Hoi!
  4. Reflection
  5. Such a Friendly Town (ft. ThunderScott)
  6. A Puzzling Quagmire
  7. Have You Ever Heard of A Talking Flower?
  8. Esoteric
  9. Penultimate (ft. RichaadEB)
  10. Like Snowflakes
  11. A New Home (ft. TeraCMusic and Eruption)
  12. The End


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