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Customer Reviews

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Amazing plushie bigger then I expected if you're reading reviews thinking if you should buy it you definitely should, 10/10

Great plushie

Just got the plush yesterday for Christmas and it is waaay bigger than I was expecting (16.9 oz. bottle for scale). Definitely lives up to the pillow title! It's super soft as well and great for cuddling. I'm very happy with it :)

It may look a little wrinkly but it's still plenty soft/cuddly. You can't tell at all when holding it. The plush was also vacuum sealed and folded in half in a package until almost exactly 24 hours ago, so it may expand more. I'm fine with it either way though. Just wanted to address it in case anyone reading noticed that on the image and was concerned

So cute!

Blooky's amazing! My parents bought them for me for Christmas and I love them! They're so big, and huggable, and soft, and nice to have around. It feels almost like having Napstablook in real life. My sis and I even found a hat for Blooky, now they're a Dapperblook :)

Nice size but disappointed

Despite the great size of this plush I have to admit that I was disappointed. The plush was covered in loose threads that I had to snip off with scissors. For the price l would have expected better quality.


I bought it and is awesome! cute and fluffy <3


Napstablook Pillow Plush

by Audrey Waner

Restock planned!

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Flat, stuffed with polyester, and saying 'z' out loud repeatedly. 

This big, pillowy plush, designed by Audrey Waner, measures 22 inches tall and 12 inches wide. The micro minky outer cover unzips for easy washing; the inside is filled with polyester.

Plush is vacuum-sealed for shipment—please wait up to 24 hours for it to reach its full size. 

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