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Royally served

This mug has such a beautiful fairy tale like design and it's very big as well, which is also very convenient ^^

Beautifully made mug💗☕

I recommend this to any Undertale fan who is fond of tea, coffee, or even hot cocoa!💗
The size for portions is very generous and it is so beautifully detailed.
I love my new mug so much.💗💕💗💕

Perfect size!

I got this mug for my dad, he liked my Grillby's mug and wanted his own, I said I would get him this instead and it was perfect, he said it was the perfect size for his teas and brews and that all the other mugs were either too big or too small. This is a very pretty mug too, would recommend to all Undertale fans and tea drinkers!


Just a short update on the mug I got for my grandma for Christmas, she still loves it alot and never has used mcdonald's cups for her tea again. It's lovely and works so well for her!

Royally Beautiful

I never have been able to get my Grandmother something super nice for Christmas... until now! the mug is gorgeous and lovely~ I can't wait to give it to her!! now she can use this mug instead of old Mcdonalds cups for her teas ^^

OH! one thing I have to add... when I took out the royal mug to check it the boxing material protecting it seemed to be chewed up?? I think a suspicious dog got into the mailroom haha got a good laugh outta me

Also... Thank you. Thank you for doing all these orders I know it must be hectic around this time of year so please remember to take a few breaks here and there. Be extra safe!

Best of Wishes~ Just A Slime


Royal Mug


Save $3Grillby's Mug

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This big, 16 oz. mug is the perfect complement to a heaping slice of butterscotch pie.

This official UNDERTALE mug was designed by Audrey Waner and drawn by Laura Verdin based on the original ruins art by merrigo. It's made from custom-molded porcelain.

Microwave safe. Hand washing recommended.

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