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I love it very much and sleep with it

So, this toy is big, so cute, and so soft! I waited this and I was happy when got it! It's strange that I received the toy on September 18, and I writing a review now. I love it as my other toys! I started toto sewthe her a dress and it's really verygood difficult! Fangamer did a greatgreat job! My Toriel loves to read a book from Temmie Chang from Undertale collector's edition(story booklet). Toriel sends youa greetings from Russia!)


this plush is sweet, and absolutely beautiful! I LOVE IT! *W*

It’s so cuddly and worth the wait

I ordered this, and it came quicker than I expected. I just love it so much. It’s so soft it’s fun to sleep with at night. I’m so glad I got this cute Toriel plush. It even came with things like an artist card and an Undertale pin. I will be ordering from Fangamer again in the future.

Very Good

This was way bigger than I expected. I love how soft it is and how good it feels.I will be ordering the ralsei plush when it comes out and I already bought the art book of undertale. This is a very good item and it is very cute. Thank you so much Fangamer!

Awesome & Lovely!

I got this plush on the 12th of January 2019. It was said to have arrived between the beginning or the middle of the month due to a lot of holiday orders, which is understandable. Very much worth the wait, though! She is MUCH larger than I thought she would be (which is good!), she is very soft and huggable, and is overall a really great purchase. I read the reviews of her before I bought her, and I was not disappointed! The only complaint I have is that she's a bit lumpy shape-wise, but I'm fine with that. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives. The people who sent her along with me also included a few extra items like a Delta Rune pin and a Hollow Knight holiday post card, which was unexpected but totally awesome! I am very happy with this plush. The staff at Fangamer are awesome! Thank you guys for an awesome plush, and some cool extra items as well! :-)


Toriel Plush

by Fangamer


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A silly little lady who worries too much.

The Toriel plush, prototyped by Fangamer's own Jenna Post, is 10 inches tall and made of a lush micro-minky material, with an embroidered face and Delta Rune. She's wearing a soft micro-fleece robe.

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