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Customer Reviews

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So nice ! ♥

I was in my undertale phase again and I ordered a bunch of stuff from this lovely website where I bought an amazing product few years ago (undertale tarot art prints). What i was a bit scared of is that I live in France so I was super duper worried about the fees but the website did such a great job to pack my big order in such a small package that I got none !

I wanted that hoddie despite that it's getting warmer there and what was my surprised when I realised that it was actually thinner that I think !! So it's perfect for spring or weird cold day of summer. For autumn/winter I'll be sure to get that Sans's hoodie which will be restock soon at the moment i'm writing this review. The material is really soft and you can pull the sleeves, it stays pretty sweet. The cherry on the top is definitely the color, it's such a beautiful blue. It looked way more brigther on the pictures of the website. It's such a deep and lovely blue, not dark or too catchy. If i didn't want to keep my pink/blond hair i'll definitely go for some red hair to be as cool as Undyne ♥ For sure, it's one of the most cooler (behind the cool dude shirt of course) product of the website !


1) Anime is real, If you ever say otherwise, I will have Undyne spear you......2) Great product. I finally got a gift for my fishy girlfriend next time I visit her.

Most comfortable Fangamer product I've ever bought.

Roll up your sleeves, put on your hoodie, adjust tug-
This is just... just a great piece of clothing. Silky soft material, and just adorable designs.

Best. Pullover. Ever!!!!

I love how comfortable it is and the detail is amazing.
Also I ordered a unisex XL and it was to big so I'll buy a unisex large next time.

Excellent quality

I'm very pleased with this product. Very soft material, got extra Undyne merch with the purchase, fits perfectly and the hood is super comfy.
Plus, there's the benefit of wearing clothing supporting your waifu. Fishlovers represent!

UNDERTALE - The Undying Long-Sleeved Shirt

by Nina Matsumoto

Sold out!

Undyne didn't get to be StrongFish91 without putting in some work.

Nina Matsumoto is the artist behind this official UNDERTALE design, which we printed on a unique, ultra-lightweight hoodie from Canvas. (This isn't a sweatshirt—imagine your favorite Fangamer t-shirt crossed with a pullover.) Also available on a tank!


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