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Great product

Great glass, good quality and all. The color of the tile and the glass are more colorful and have bigger impact than I originally imagined.
The only couple of things that surprised me was the size of the glass (33cl, not 50cl - must have misreaded it) and the print on the tile, wich looks like it's not engraved (very little detail).

In conclusion 10/10

A mainstay on my desk since receiving it

The glass looks like it could be right out of the game, the vibrant coaster is more than a simple tile as it comes with gummy stopper to keep it from sliding. The glass itself is lighter than expected. Easily my favorite drinking glass from now on.

VA-11 HALL-A Pub Glass & Coaster Set

by Audrey Waner

Sold out!

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Style: VA-11 HALL-A Pub Glass & Coaster Set

Our most recent reprint of these mugs contained a number of slightly “glitched” examples with minor imperfections visible on the bottom of the glass. For a limited time, they’ll be available for a $7 discount. All glasses still include a coaster, and for safety reasons none of them contain any chips or cracks.

A little lighter on the Adelhyde this time, OK?

This official VA-11 HALL-A merchandise was designed by Audrey Waner. The 16 oz. pub glass has a fluorescent pink bottom, and the acrylic coaster is laser-engraved and measures about 2.7 inches wide by 2.4 inches tall.

Each set contains one pub glass and one coaster.

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