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Glitched edition looks fine

Just received the glitched edition one, there is some roughness and small color spots at the bottom, but everything else looks great. Good deal if you want a discount on this item.The pink on the glass and coaster is nice and bright.

Great product

Great glass, good quality and all. The color of the tile and the glass are more colorful and have bigger impact than I originally imagined.
The only couple of things that surprised me was the size of the glass (33cl, not 50cl - must have misreaded it) and the print on the tile, wich looks like it's not engraved (very little detail).

In conclusion 10/10

A mainstay on my desk since receiving it

The glass looks like it could be right out of the game, the vibrant coaster is more than a simple tile as it comes with gummy stopper to keep it from sliding. The glass itself is lighter than expected. Easily my favorite drinking glass from now on.

VA-11 HALL-A Pub Glass & Coaster Set

by Audrey Waner

$12 - $19

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A little lighter on the Adelhyde this time, OK?

This official VA-11 HALL-A merchandise was designed by Audrey Waner. The 16 oz. pub glass has a fluorescent pink bottom, and the acrylic coaster is laser-engraved and measures about 2.7 inches wide by 2.4 inches tall.

Each set contains one pub glass and one coaster.

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