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Really good hoodie!

My experience with this hoodie is similar to other reviewers. The print is definitely more grey than white, and has a fake worn effect to it, but I haven't had issues where the print was faded beyond recognition. The zipper is on the opposite side compared to hoodies I usually buy, and it does rarely get stuck but it's fixable. It's definitely a designer hoodie and not something made to withstand bad weather, but it's still great to wear.

Great Hoodie!

I admit, I was a little worried reading other reviews on here, but I found none of them to be accurate for me, except the coloring. Yes, it is more grey than white, but I still think it looks great. The Kings Logo is not faded beyond recognition like some say, and unless you're just really really rough with zippers and don't know how to use them with a normal, non excessive amount of force, the zipper on this is more than fine. My only real issue is, as far as I'm concerned, the sizes are a bit large. I always get a medium but this medium fits me more like a large. Still comfy though and I don't regret at all getting one for my wife and I.

Great hollow knight hoodie but with some flaws.

This is a great hoodie, it fits well and is not so thin as to be useless in the fall. Unfortunately the screen printing on the hoodie is subpar. I've had it for about two months and most of the logos are worn/faded off. I can deal with that on a cheaper hoodie but for $50.00 I would hope for better quality on it. I would love to see a "premium" version of this where the logos on the chest sleeve and back are embroidered.

Love this hoodie

No regrets with that hoodie. It's definitely on the lighter side so people should keep in mind before buying, but as I prefer lighter clothing it is perfect for me, also can confirm it is nice and soft on the inside. Seems that the printing issue with the King's Brand has been resolved as mine was just as crisp as the other prints. They also don't seem to be any more faded than on the picture, or at least not enough for me to notice. Not sure how the zipper nail is gonna handle the washer but I think I will follow some comment advice and loop it off before washing the hoodie to minimize the chances of it breaking. It's been feeling sturdy enough while using it normally but I do notice the edges where the hole for the loop has been made are quite thin so that might be the main issue. But all in all I really love the hoodie and am very happy with it.

Not that good

I was a bit disappointed: I'm not sure if it's some kind of factory error but the "king's mark" is barely visible, you can just see its outline.
It's a shame because the rest of the design is okay, a bit more faded than the one in the picture and the zipper is pretty cool.

Hollow Knight

Vessel Hoodie

by Jon Kay

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Style: Black / Unisex XS

Where did these empty little wanderers come from?

This official Hollow Knight hoodie was designed by Jon Kay. It features three print locations and a minted Nail zipper pull. The special blend fabric is super soft on the inside.

Unisex XS-3X Independent PRM33SBZ
Unisex 4X-6X Independent IND4000Z

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