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Madotsuki is my favorite plush to ever exist in existence! I'm very happy to have her!

loveliest friend

yume nikki is a very good thing. madotsuki is a lovely one and securing this plush was most urgent. now that she has arrived, i am happy to say i am not disappointed.

she is bigger than i thought she was going to be. but rest assured, that is not a complaint. more madotsuki is better than less madotsuki, after all. i am very impressed by the quality of the plush, as well.
she is awarded six stars, though unfortunately the sixth star is timid and would rather not be seen.

below is an image of her sitting down next to a monitor displaying her game, alongside an image of her listening to 100 gecs.


Love me some yume nikki, love me some Madotsuki, love me some plush. This plush is life changing man. She’s only been in my house for a couple hours and she’s already welcome to join my playboi carti head banging sessions. Surprisingly huge, wasn’t expecting her to be such an absolute unit. Gonna give her a 100/10, but numbers can’t describe the greatness of this plush

Absolutely Adorable

She's super soft, bigger than I thought she would be (I may have skimmed the description and didn't notice the size haha), and very huggable! I had a coupon so she was discounted, but even at full price she's so worth it. Definitely get it if you're a big Yume Nikki fan.


This plush is everything a dreamer like me could ever ask for! She's a bit on the big side, but she is so soft and the material feels great! The magnetic knife is a rad bonus too!

My plush arrived in 5 days which to me, is awesome! I wholeheartedly recommend this plush to any Yume Nikki fan out there. This right here, was 29 dollars well spent!

Yume Nikki

Madotsuki Plush


Restock planned!

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This official Yume Nikki plush was designed by Audrey Waner and Eyes5. It measures about 10 inches tall when seated and comes with a plush knife that can attach magnetically to either hand.

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