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New A Hat In Time merch available now at

New in our A Hat in Time collection: Bows! Our new Bow Kid plush is joined by a new spinning pin and the Contract Expired shirt. (Waiting for the Nyakuza Metro Hat Kid plush? A restock is coming soon! Sign up on the product page to be notified as soon as it's available.)

New Chicory plush available at

Introducing... the most thematically appropriate Chicory: A Colorful Tale item we could think of! You can't draw with our Pizza plush's paintbrush, but you can draw on it, or the plush itself, with the pack of five washable markers that come with each one.

New Dark Souls prints available at

We're printing two companion pieces to Judson Cowan's venerable Laudate Solis poster! Pick up Painted World and Undead Asylum in our official Dark Souls collection beginning today. (Laudate Luna is also still available!)