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Laudate Solis

by Judson Cowan

$12.00 USD - $99.00 USD

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The giclee versions of this print are made-to-order and are in frequent demand, so they may take 2 weeks to ship! Check our shipping policy for more info.

Also note that the Slab, in particular, is massive and prone to contain small imperfections in the print.

(We call the big one the Prepare to Buy edition.)

You'll spend at least as much time identifying your most loved/hated locations as you did grinding humanity from the rats in the Depths!

This high-quality, hyper-detailed print comes in three sizes:

  • Shard (Small, Giclee print, 8.1" x 24")
  • Chunk (Medium, Offset print, 11.9" x 34")
  • Slab (Huge, Giclee Print, 24" x 68.7")

Judson Cowan's labor of love first made a splash on Reddit as an almost-abandoned art project, and shortly thereafter as a spread in Issue 278 of Edge Magazine. You can head to Judson's site for a closer look!

Complete your collection with Judson's other soul-filled, highly-detailed illustrations:

Note: the close-up photos featured on this page were taken from a copy of the Slab (huge) version of the print. The smaller prints are made from the same file, but due to the physical limitations of print/eyeball resolution, many of the finer details (like the silver knights in the church) aren't as visible.