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Best fluffy Plush I ever got!

It took a week for him to arrive but he was so worth the wait and 32$. I didn't think he would be so soft and fluffy. I liked the removable glasses, hat, and scarf. I totally recommend him. Trust me, he's worth it.


Got my Ralsei plush and it super excited to have it but the glasses was missing from the package.

Sorry about that! Please contact us at with your order information and we'll be happy to send a pair of glasses.
ralsei with minor issues

the plushie's very fluffy and adorable and i love it!
although, like most people;
-the hat is ready to fall off of the plushie
-no stickers were included (assuming there were)

although, i still love the plushie! i'll hug him in bed all day long and i love him!

A Very Fluffy Valid Boi

Ralsei is perfect! He's super soft and his clothes are removable. His glasses came in a little case with a golden deltarune on it, and they fit nicely behind the ears. He also came with a cute annoying dog sticker. Now me and my friend have matching Ralsei plushes! Well worth the $32, however the only complaint I have is that the hat sort just sits on his head, ready to fall of at any second. But other than that, I would opt definitely recommend him!

So ADORABLE and FLUFFY!!!!!😆😊😍🤩

Okay, so... I'm sorry if this is a couple of months late, but I FINALLY have the courage to write a review! (this is the second product I ordered, the first one being the human shirt from Undertale)

So, when it shipped, it arrived around a couple of weeks (I ordered it on August) and, when the package arrived, I was super hyped! I was STUNNED, when I opened it... I didn't expect him to be SO ADORABLE (and fluffy too)! Honestly, even though most people have problems with his hat and glasses, I actually don't mind at all! He's so cute, and one of my favourite Deltarune characters, beside Lancer!
Speaking of Lancer... I REALLY hope he becomes a plush too.
Definetely ordering from you again, as your merchandise is SO high quality!


Ralsei Plush

by Fangamer


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I’m a prince, but… I, um, currently don’t have any subjects.

The Ralsei plush, designed by Jenna Post and prototyped by Eyes5, is now available for preorder! Ralsei is about 12 inches tall (with his hat!) when seated and comes with removable scarf, hat, and glasses.

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