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Blast from the past, but future perfect!

This vinyl album is amazing. It was packaged with tons of packaging peanuts and when I opened the box I was equally excited for the packaging peanuts which smell like yummy toast, as well as this amazing product. I can now listen to this fantastic collection of music from Deltarune and play with my packaging peanuts! Thanks Fangamer!

I also found myself very excited to find Jevil on Side B. Thank you

DELTARUNE Chapter 1 Vinyl Soundtrack

by Fangamer


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This album includes 40 songs from the first chapter of DELTARUNE on one Ralsei-colored record. The cover and the printed inner sleeve feature art by ADE, and each one comes with a bonus sticker sheet

Immediately after your purchase you'll receive a free digital download of the DELTARUNE Chapter 1 Soundtrack from Bandcamp. 

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