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Never Expected This

Ordered one of these a while ago. I expected something from the known lineup of shirts on site. Maybe something from a pile of excess this or that game.


I opened the package to find a white PikuNiku shirt. I'd never played the game before, and when I went searching, I found out that merch for it is no longer available on Fangamer. An out of print, unavailable shirt. I was a bit torn between keeping it in the package or wearing it, but in the end, I decided that keeping it in plastic was ridiculous. It is very comfortable. Think I'll do this again in the future.

Big and cool shirts for a good price *thumbs up*

As a big boy, I like big shirts, and I like video games, but it isn't often that the two go together for a good price. I also like to be surprised, so I jumped at the opportunity for all of the above.
This being my first Fangamer purchase, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to find three 6xl unisex shirts that fit me the way I like. I haven't found any obvious defects in the shirts either (the stickers were a little bent, but come on they're bonuses)
The shirts I got were Super Meat Boy Forever "Quality Cuts" (which seems to not be available as of typing...), Myst "Mystic Arcana", and Heartbound "Barghest" and while I haven't played any of these games, I still think they're cool shirts.
My only complaint is that I wasn't able to buy more mystery shirts in 6xl. I like surprises though, so next time I'm able to buy more, I definitely will. This was also a good way to dive head-first into Fangamer's Tshirts, so I think I'll also give the not-so-mysterious stock a look too.


As it always is when it comes to mystery items, there's room for disappointment. I lowkey expected to get duplicates or really ugly shirts after reading that one review about the coldfest shirt, which would be fine since I needed more sleeping shirts. What I got was great! So pretty. I got a divine path okami (I LOVE Okami), a kestrel shirt (also a fun game I own and play), and barghest from heartbound. All look great and came without holes or anything. There's a very high probability that I'm just going to buy all my future T-shirts from fangamer.

Fun mystery

Purchased an extra mystery shirt as a part of my order and absolutely loved the design. Only thing is I managed to click the wrong size for myself without realizing so its a little too small for me. We'll see if I can find a friend who it will fit.

The Hollow Knight design was very cool, with a distressed look being perhaps the only "flaw" in it, but it really only made it look a bit cooler.

Would purchase a mystery shirt with my order again. Thanks guys

My two new favorite shirts!

These mystery shirts are my first purchase from Fangamer. I was a little worried about them since I had no idea what I'd receive, but luckily they hit it out of the park with the two shirts I got. Both shirts are from series I enjoy and meet all my preferences. I couldn't be happier with this purchase and am highly considering ordering more merchandise from this site. Thanks for the awesome shirts Fangamer!

Mystery Shirt!


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Hitting the Random Character button in a fighting game is the ultimate power move. 

Ordering a Fangamer Mystery Shirt is just as impressive, but much less dangerous. In exchange for leaving your order to fate you'll get a classic Fangamer shirt at our lowest prices ever--just $13 for one, $24 for two, or $33 for three!

You pick the size*, and we'll take care of the rest. Your Mystery Shirts might be out-of-print designs or current ones with minor imperfections in the print or garment. They can't be returned or exchanged, and we don't take requests. But feel free to tell us in the comments which Fangamer shirts you already own and which games you like!

*Women's shirts are largely comprised of our old garment, which ran a little small and has since been phased out for a new roomier version. We recommend choosing a size up when buying a women's size Mystery Shirt.