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Mystery Shirt!

$13.00 USD

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Hitting the Random Character button in a fighting game is the ultimate power move. 

Ordering a Fangamer Mystery Shirt is just as impressive, but much less dangerous. In exchange for leaving your order to fate you'll get one, two, or three classic Fangamer shirts at our lowest prices ever.

You pick the size* and the quantity, and we'll take care of the rest: You could get a Final Destination shirt, a polo, or even a rare out-of-print design!

*Women's shirts are largely comprised of our old garment, which ran a little small and has since been phased out for a new roomier version. We recommend choosing a size up when buying a women's size Mystery Shirt.

Your Mystery Shirts might be out-of-print designs or current ones with minor imperfections in the print or garment. They can't be returned or exchanged, and we don't take requests. But feel free to tell us in the comments which Fangamer shirts you already own!