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Cute and high quality

First off I'd say that $12 is a bit expensive for a keychain to me, I was really hoping it'd be of high quality and yeah, it didn't let me down at all. The material is sturdy (I can actually feel its weight on my hand) and no discoloration on it whatsoever, although I feel the color is a tiny bit more muted than how I imagined it would be (it's probably just me nitpicking since I'm used to seeing bright and saturated colors on enamel pins). Best part is that the keychain came with an absolutely adorable quirrel sticker, and I was really happy seeing it since he's my fav character! Overall a great product, well worth the price.

Sturdy and Cute

I owned this keychain for a year, and no color every faded or peeled, and it never even looked scratched. Great quality. Sadly I lost mine... going to order a second right now!

Fast delivery, high quality!

My order came in the mail in just three days (which was a surprise considering the Quirrel plushie was delivered about a week after I ordered it, though that was definitely worth the wait). The keychain itself is sturdy and survives its new home on one of the zippers on my purse. I was surprised to find that the grub spins and not the jar- though I can't say for sure why I expected that to be the case. Either way, I really love the little guy!

A great companion!

This little Grub friend has been watching over my car-keys since I got him! At first I wasn't sure if the spinning Grub would break off if it got caught on anything, but the keychain itself is super sturdy and the Grub is shaped in a way that made it impossible to get stuck on anything. I find the idea and style of this keychain to be really clever. Weirdly enough the outside of the jar has an odd black stain on it that I couldn't clean. It's only a tiny goof on an otherwise wonderful product though!

We're glad to hear you're happy with the keychain! The black stain you're describing sounds like it may be an enamel defect. If you'd like to email us a photo at, we'd be happy to assist!

So cute!!

Really cute keychain, top tier quality. I like the way the Grub spins.

Hollow Knight

Grub in a Jar Spinning Keychain



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Preserve (and spin) your Grub wherever you roam. 

This official Hollow Knight keychain was designed by artist Jon Kay, and features a center Grub charm that spins inside its jar!

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