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Amazing collectible and audio

This is one of my favorite vinyls in my growing collection, it sounds incredible (especially with the bass cranked up) the art is unreal and ideal. One of the best game soundtracks ever, worth a buy, as a new vinyl collected this is perfect to start gives good music to listen to, amazing art and wonderful sound, if you are a fan of hollow knight, or even just a fan of the soundtrack, I recommend this product 100%

This ost is beautiful

There are few words to describe how amazing the Hollow Knight soundtrack is, Christopher Larkin did an outstanding job of giving life to hallownest through his music.

That being said, I'm disappointed on the digital download of the album, as
1) It's mp3 only with 160kbps
2) It's not even tagged

But I couldn't be happier with the vinyl itself, I'm absolutely in love with it

Stunning and Beautiful Quality

I've read some users have had issues with picture disc sound quality, but I've owned these and played them 50+ times each over the course of about 8 months. Everything sounds perfect and performs beautifully! I'm fairly new to vinyl usage as well, and only use the most basic cleaning methods maybe every 6 months (I know, not ideal). Regardless, the quality retains perfectly. If users have had issues, I'm sure it could have just been a defective item eligible for compensation.

Good, with a warning.

I keep a dust cover over my records while playing music. I use proper cleaning tools and methods. I use anti-static tools and accessories as well. I try very hard to keep my records clean and have as close to pristine music as possible.

While it's normal to expect some crackle or popping with Vinyl, the discs I got - particularly Void: Side B - are plagued with constant low-level crackling during quiet songs (and most of Hollow Knight is quiet music). I'll repeat. It's constant. This is unusual for brand new vinyl and does not occur with other records in my collection.

I may just be an unfortunate recipient of a bad pressing, so I hope others don't encounter this. The music is beautiful, but be careful.

Sorry to hear that! We haven't encountered the issue you've described with this vinyl before, in our own quality control or in customer feedback. Could you please email us at for further assistance?


Get this Vinyl !! A must have for any collection. High quality art work not to mention Hollow knight is one of my favorite Game.

Hollow Knight Vinyl Soundtrack



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Ghost Ramp's 2-LP release of Christopher Larkin's original Hollow Knight soundtrack features 26 tracks pressed on two picture discs.

Now you can pick it up in our Hollow Knight collection, alongside their Gods & Nightmares LP! Each copy comes with a download code printed on a card inside the jacket. 

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