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Amazing while it lasted!

This product was incredible! The sound quality was great, and had An amazing lineup of some of the best Celeste songs, all with An amazing case and really high quality finishes. Unfortunately, there’s a reason cassette tapes aren’t really used anymore. The tape got unwind in my old cassette player (after MANY uses I may ad) and is more of a display item now. This is totally out of control from fangamer and is more of an issue with the form the product comes in, but I got a Lot of use out of this and l will gladly display it on my desk. Great product, unfortunate circumstances.

Celeste Cassette Soundtrack

by Fangamer

Save $1Celeste: Farewell Cassette Soundtrack

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Music for the climb. 

Lena Raine's award-winning soundtrack is now available on cassette from Ship to Shore Phono Co. 

Side A
1. Prologue
2. First Steps
3. Resurrections
4. Awake
5. Postcard From Celeste Mountain
6. Checking In
7. Spirit of Hospitality
8. Scattered And Lost
9. Golden

Side B
1. Quiet And Falling
2. In The Mirror
3. Madeline And Theo
4. Starjump
5. Reflection
6. Confronting Myself
7. Little Goth
8. Reach For The Summit
9. Exhale
10. My Dearest Friends

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