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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent Deck

Very fine quality deck, art is top notch, cards themselves are tournament quality paper, everything is great. One thing to note - since the face cards only orient one way, if you are playing poker and flip them upside down, it's a tell. Or if your clever like me, you flip your cards over and around even if they aren't face cards :). Overall really not an issue that detracts from the rating. Highly recommended.

Excellent cards

These are some great playing cards, and everything about them is fantastic. The artwork is beautifully done and the cards are durable and excellent quality. I love the art style of the character portraits, and the theming of every suit around certain characters is simply genius, as is the change from hearts, diamonds etc. to souls, the sun, estus and humanity. It's a small change but it adds a lot.
I've played with these cards a few times now and they've held up very well to some quite unkind treatment by the bad sports of my group and none have been damaged significantly by this rough play.
My only gripe with this pack is that the box itself feels very cheap compared to the cards, and the paper sticker that you have to peel off to open the box is the classic just-keeps-tearing-and-looks-worse-the-more-you-try kind. Not enough to detract from a hearty 5 stars but it is a shame.
These cards are great quality and well worth it for any Dark Souls fan. :)

Dark Souls Playing Cards

by Laura Verdin


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In a land brimming with Hollows, could that really be mere chance?

This official deck of Dark Souls playing cards was illustrated and designed by Laura Verdin and manufactured by Legends Playing Card Company.

Dark Souls™ & ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc./©FromSoftware, Inc.

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