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Came quickly

Just like my other pin, this came quickly once it was shipped. I'm very happy I got it, I've been wanting it for a while

I love it <33

Really high quality, I really recommend.


It’s amazing! Grimm looks amazing and the pin it’s self is fantastic as well. I love the rubber backings and not metal for a lot of my other pins with metal tend to get messed up a lot. I made my own little plush till when I can order the fangamer Grimm plush! <3 Highly recommend and will try to buy the others as well as more of the merch!!

My Nightmare King Grimm

This pin is thoroughly detailed and gorgeous. It has two backs that are made of rubber, so in comparison to other enamel pins, he will stay relatively secure, even out in the open. He comes in cute packaging and it kinda made me feel bad taking him off of it, since he looked great just on the cardboard display. This is a high quality enamel pin for only 10 dollars, so definitely pick this up if you're a fan of Hollow Knight, especially of Grimm, or of the Grimm Troupe DLC.

I also want to separately express the fact that, out of desperation and sadness of the Grimm plushie being sold out so quickly first run around (couldn't grab him due to lack of funds), and a vain attempt to humor myself and the staff members, I asked for "a haiku describing how sexy Grimm is". I was joking. But I actually got the haiku, which threw me through the wringer and I was more ecstatic than I should've been. Haiku reads as so:

"Lithe and debonair,
Strong and oh so confident,
My Nightmare King Grimm."
please give the person who took the time to write that a thank you or a gift or a promotion, something, anything, that made receiving the pin so much more amazing.


A great pin I love the design and everything about it

Hollow Knight

Troupe Master Grimm Pin

by Jon Kay


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Hollow Knight Enamel Pin 7-Pack

So, it was you who called us.

This official Hollow Knight hard enamel pin was designed by Jon Kay. It measures about two inches tall. 

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