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Cute collectable

The quality of the plush is really high quality, and the voices the grubs makes are awesome. The only thing I wish it had was a weight in the tail of the Grub. This way it would stay more upright and not fall over on it face on a flat surface.

We're glad you like your Grub! This plush does have weighted beans in the bottom. It may lean forward a bit initially due to the construction of the plush and the way things settle during shipment, but you should be able to massage the beans back a bit to help it sit upright more easily.


The plush looks even better irl and the sounds are really cute. I'm so happy about it, thanks for the restock!

Super cute, just like in the game!

I am a huge fan of Hollow Knight. As soon as I saw the grubs in the game, I knew I had to have a plush. When it came it, it was a great size and had perfect detail. The best part is pressing the belly to hear all the cute phrases it does in the game!! I absolutely love this!

Cat's best friend

My mom's cat loves to snuggle with his grub. The fabric is very soft and the plush is high quality. Its voice always makes me smile. Thank you for this friend.


It's so soft and damn adorable! Its voice is loud, but I don't mind it. Also it has amazing little foam balls in its tail! I was so excited, when I found it!

Well, it has one minus: it doesn't sit very straight. But if I correct it, it will be sit straight a few minutes. I hope you got that I mean. I won't lower the rating this perfect grub only because of one small flaw.

Thank you so much for this amazing grub.

Hollow Knight

Talking Grub Plush

by Eyes5

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Scattered all over Hallownest—can you bring them home? 

This official Hollow Knight plush was prototyped by Jenna Post and Eyes5. It stands about 10 inches tall and makes six different sounds when you squeeze it. 

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