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No Regrets

He was an impulse buy, and I definitely was not disappointed. Perfect size for hugging.

You Need This In Your Life

I cannot stress how much you need this its amazing its soft its cute its everything you could want please if you think about buying it just dont think just buy and he got here very quickly it took about 3 and a half days. Its a must if your a hollow knight fan or just a grub fan.

Squishy Cutie

He was an impulse buy while purchasing Hornet. But no regrets. Grub's noises are a little loud, but I also have very sensitive ears so that's partially just me. Also, better it be loud and clear rather than muffled and low like some talking products are. It sounds exactly like the sounds they make in game, which is also a nice touch.The colors are nice, the material is nice and soft. He clicks when I squeeze him, I guess that's the button for the noise.I kind of like it. Absolutely adorable and I'm so glad I decided to get him.

The best baby!

Friend gifted me this little grub and he's simply the best. Soft, big and cute. Good quality sound and multiple "voicelines"! Not sure how to change batteries without putting this little grub through surgery if they ever ran out.
10/10 would not eat.

A perfect baby grub!

I received my grub plushie today and I absolutely love him! He's super soft, fluffy, and makes the cutest grub sounds, exactly like in-game! I'd highly recommend this little guy to anyone who is a fan of Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight

Talking Grub Plush

by Eyes5

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Hollow Knight Plush Combo

Scattered all over Hallownest—can you bring them home? 

This official Hollow Knight plush was prototyped by Jenna Post and Eyes5. It stands about 10 inches tall and makes six different sounds when you squeeze it. 

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