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All Of The Snuggles.

Ordered these precious babies at the beginning of the month, so March, and they arrived within two weeks!
I'm in Canada, so of course the shipping will be a little bit of a wait, but this was FAST, especially considering COVID-19 needed protocols and all the needed rules to follow.
Props to the whole team!
As for the plushies, I am absolutely in love with these plushies. They're so soft, snuggly and wonderful quality.
Got Hornet for my husband's birthday, as he's beyond hyped for Silk Song. Grub, an early birthday present to myself.
Thank you so much to all at Fangamer, you have a new, very satisfied customer and I cannot wait to order more from your site.
Stay safe and stay healthy out there!

I also would love to just make a side note to also thank the team for listening to the critiques and suggestions for the talking Grub plush, as now the lil' fellas have a hidden zipper battery pouch!
My lil' Grub will be making adorable noises forever, or least until the battery chamber eventually breaks itself from all the squeeze hugs.

big heart eyes

I love them so so much <33 They're so incredibly soft and they're my favorite plushies I have.
Only issues they have is a little hole/tear on the nails and the magnet connection isn't super great, but I really couldn't care less because the plushies are so high quality <3 Looking forward to purchasing the Grimm one soon

Loved it

I wish that I could give it 10 stars! I didn’t know that the grub made sounds! It’s so smart putting a magnet on the back of the knight! Hornet looks like she was ripped straight out of the game! Gorgeous product and a wonderful job

Cute and Quality Plushies. Also Fast Shipment

I'm not going to tell stuff about each one of them, they are already amazing; rather I do want to tell about how well Fangamer handles this work. When I ordered, this pack was just restocked and also there was a delayed shipment notice on the webpage. Nonetheless, they prepared my package in a day and shipped it. I recieved my package 6 days later. All plushies were packaged carefully, all 3 of them were in perfect condition. As a first purchase, I'm encouraged to buy more merch from here.

Great plushes, great customer service

Bought the set of 3 for my boyfriend, they are all great. Especially the Grub, I feel like you get the most value out of it as it talks and is much chunkier than Ghost and Hornet. Fortunately I didn't have a problem with the magnets in Ghost and Hornet, they work well. The material is very high quality, silky and soft, like a proper plush.

I originally bought just Ghost and the Grub as Hornet had sold out, after enquiring about her availability. However, the next day she went back on stock due to some spares being found, so I emailed Fangamer about this; they were very understanding and agreed to discount the price I would have got from ordering the set. They replied quickly and the conversation was calm and easy. Brilliant customer service.

Hollow Knight Plush Combo


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Zote Plush
$26 $26

Create your own bundle and save $5 with each Hollow Knight plush you add to your order! This combo can include any of the following plushes, which are also available individually.

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