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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Really good

This product is really well made and the sound quality is great. It also arrived really quickly. If you're a fan of hollow knight I highly recommend this plushie

Beautiful Little Friend

He is one of the best plushies I have ever owned. He’s soft, adorable, and the features that he comes with are absolutely amazing. The lights in the eyes are very cool and look better in darkness, and the music that plays is also so cool, nice on the ears and haunting just like the game, which comes with a zipper to open the back and replace batteries if needed and zip it up, and he even stands on his own! The only downside I have with him is that the nail isn’t detachable like the Knight’s is, but it’s not like it ruins the plushie and the upsides totally outweigh the downside. He also goes so well with my Knight plushie, so adorable together. Beautiful plushie, 10/10 5 stars. Love them both.

Perfect !

I love this plush ! The quality is very good and the music and the light-up eyes are really cool ! Once again, I'm very happy with my purchase. My collection is growing. Thank you Fangamer !

Sweet musical baby

As usual, such a high quality plush. I love the eyes that light up and it is right next to the little knight plush :) both of them make me smile everyday! Shade plush also stands really well and doesn't fall over like little knight does sometimes.

in short, i love them like my children

A wonderful addition to the collection!

A wonderful little plush carefully crafted to match a style that's akin to the other plushes. The music box was placed in well with a little zipper in case anything goes wrong. My only nitpick would be the nail on the back not being detachable, as I can imagine it will begin to get annoying if I ever wish to take out the music box.
Still, as anything from Fangamer shows, it's a beautiful and wonderful little set to simply enjoy.
9.5/10 - Creepy yet great.

Hollow Knight

Shade Musical Plush

by Eyes5

Restock planned!

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Echo of a previous life. Squeeze it to become whole (and play a suitably haunting tune from the game).

This official Hollow Knight plush will, just like the Knight's shade, always be roughly where you left it. Designed by Eyes5, it stands about 10 inches tall, with light-up LED eyes that also glow in the dark. Its voice box comes with two replaceable AA batteries.

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