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Absolutely Love This!

Life long Earthbound fan here. After discovering at age 32 that I could purchase a fan translated English copy of Mother 3, I was SO excited and ended up stumbling onto this guide via

I wanted a physical copy of this guide for when I finally played Mother 3 for the first time, and was initially bummed out big time that the hard cover version was sold out/out of print at the time that I was looking to purchase one. I wanted to feel that nostalgia of using a physical guide while I played, just like I had done with Earthbound 20-some years ago.

I settled for the PDF version, and ended up being totally satisfied with that choice once I started using it. It was super convenient having it in digital form - I loaded it into the Books app on my iPad, and found it immensely useful to be able to bookmark pages - I referenced the very wonderful indexes in the back of the book often, and the convenience of not having to flip the pages of a physical book back and forth was very convenient.

The guide itself is fantastic. You can tell that there was a lot of work put into its creation, as well as a lot of love for the Mother series. It sort of mimics the style of the original Earthbound players guide, and honestly, I think they did a better job here!

Visually beautiful, and incredibly helpful. You won’t be disappointed in this purchase if you’re a fan of the Mother series. I think I would have enjoyed it even if I hadn’t had access to playing the game. The PDF is great for convenience - and I’m likely going to order the hard cover at some point as well, just because I love this series!


This guide covers over almost every inch of this amazing game. With beautiful art and helpful tips this is a strategy guide that's actually worth its money. The guide book and the game itself are both great experiences that too few have experienced.

If your on the fence about buying this or the official hardcover, I would highly recommend this guide (and game!) to anyone who is a lover of timeless RPGs.

Heart and SOUL poured into this project!

When I first saw the MOTHER 3 Handbook, I knew I had to have it. However I missed the first print run (pre-ordered the Hardcover of print 2, THANKS FOR REPRINTING IT GUYS!) and got this in its place to hold me off. Every page oozes detail, colour, and PK Love; the dedication and effort put into this thing is fantastic. You owe it to yourself to get this along with your solid copy (whereas one should go with you EVERYWHERE while you play the MOTHER series on a daily basis) to protect your investment. Looking to buy some shirts and the Starman Hoodie form you guys when I get the money please keep up the great work!

MOTHER 3 Handbook PDF

by Fangamer


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MOTHER 3 Handbook
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Worried about your guide getting tattered from frenzied research and overuse? Fear not — in addition to the print and free online version of the MOTHER 3 Handbook, we’ve made a high-quality digital version available for purchase!

  • 6″ × 9″ print-size (150 dpi)
  • PDF Format
  • ~100 MB
  • Free updates (you’ll be notified via email when we make updates or corrections to your version of the PDF)
  • Available in standard or spread versions
    • The standard version is 1-up (each page is separate)
    • The spread version is 2-up (two pages side-by-side)

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