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Customer Reviews

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The GREATEST skele that is the coolest

The papyrus plush is SUPER SOFT! And great to cuddle with as well.I had ordered the combo of all 3 plushies and they are super high quality but the on thing i didn't see when I had gotten them was the bonus mini whoopie cushion that was supossed to come along with them.But back on topic they are AWESOME! its indeed worth the money.

its AMAZING and super SOFT

surprisingly, this was shipped really fast! I Live in Arizona and it only took like 2 or 3 days to get here! its super soft and the attention to detail on it is amazing! I love how tall it is too. It doesnt stand upright on its own though so thats a bummer but besides for that its still amazing! if youre going to buy this i totally recommend you do!

It's Sans-sational

Great quality, packaging basically everything was amazing!! Even the great Papyrus himself would be proud!

The Great Papyrus plush is adorable.

Yup On August 2018 arrived this cute plush with his brother Sans, and I want to say that he's happy in Mexico enjoying the view of the window together with his brother, an alicorn and a homemade piglet lol.

Gracias por vender este adorable peluche! oh sorry. . . (English Mode) I mean thanks for selling this adorable plush! xd <3

Really thanks Fangamer! :D

So cute and cool!

I bought the Sans plushie a year ago and now I have his cool brother!The plushie has a very good quality and is so soft! I love Papyrus so much and it's totally worth it to have bought it


Papyrus Plush

by Fangamer


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UNDERTALE Skelebros Plush Combo

I will capture a human!

This official Papyrus plush is 12 inches tall (seated).

Also available: his lazy brother, sans.

Collaboratively designed by Jenna Post, Toby Fox, and our friends at Happy Worker

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