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High Quality

I bought this with the Runaway poster. These prints are high quality screen prints! I wish I could post a picture in this review, but I'll say I found the frames for them at Target. They were the "floating" frames where you put the pictures between the glass for about $30. It was so worth it. These look awesome! Now I just need to redo the color scheme of my whole house to match these prints! lol, they are that great!

So pretty!

I always get so excited when I receive things from Fangamer because of the effort that goes into everything (free goodies!) This poster is absolutely beautiful; I'm scared to put it on my wall in case it gets ruined! I'm currently on the hunt for a frame but I'm so so pleased with it. Thank you!

Sky Runner SEEN above Fourside!

I swooped this up as quick as I could! This poster is one of the greatest things I could hang on my wall. The paper is thick and the colors are vibrant. I only wish I could find a frame worthy of holding this bad boy.


This poster is awesome. In every way.

Clearly Earthbound, clearly genius

This poster is so great that even if you weren't to catch the EB reference, you would still be able to enjoy it's awesomeness. The thickness of the paper makes me happy, as does the metallic paint used for the building (you d00dz should note that in the description). Once I find a suitable frame it'll be even awesomer.

Skyline Poster

by Jon Kay

Sold out!

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Wish List

Minimalistic and simple depiction of the Foursi-- OMG WHAT IS THAT!

  • 9"x24" print engineered by the amazing men at Monolith Press
  • 3 ink colors
  • Printed on thick, high quality Neenah paper
Designed, like so much of our merchandise, by the ultra-precise Jon Kay.

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