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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product great customer service

The book is superb customer service is superb thank you fangamer!

Gives you a Warm feeling inside

This book was so touching and heartfelt. I loved it so very much! The artwork is so beautiful and it portrays the story well throughout as you read the book. With minimal words, you can feel the emotion through every page. I won't ruin the ending but for me, the ending was my favorite part. It gave me such a warm and heartfelt feeling. I enjoy reading this book over and over again. If you are new to stardew valley or know someone who is...get them this book. If you love stardew valley then definitely get this book. it is a must-read.

Pure Art

With minimal words and incredibly surreal imagery they’ve made a touching piece of art that I’m sure I’ll glob over it for quite some time. The cardstock is pretty brutal and gave me a few wicked paper cuts, so be warned.

Awesome Book!

Just owning this it this makes my room feel special! The goodies that game with is was unreal!! And I couldn’t be more satisfied! Definitely buy this if you love stardew valley as much as me! It won’t disappoint you! As for the comics itself, it’s very relaxing to read and it makes all of stardew valley even more amazing :)

This was so amazing...

Everything was gorgeous, absolutely everything. Not only the comic, but the special extras that come with it! (Very clever with where those extras are placed... very clever.)

I loved it so much. The pictures beautifully captured all the emotions of the good and the bad... and provided a very warm, fuzzy feeling. The minimal text storytelling was very fitting for the world of Stardew Valley. Overall, a great experience.

I don't want to spoil it, so I'll leave this review with a 5/5... :')

Stardew Valley

Before the Farmer Comic

by Chihiro Sakaida

Save $5Stardew Valley Guidebook

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Every story has a beginning... but some go back even farther. 
Join the residents of Pelican Town in the year leading up to the new farmer's arrival in Stardew Valley. This 144-page graphic novel, lovingly written and illustrated by the talented Chihiro Sakaida, follows the lives of the villagers through the ups and the downs, the disappointments and the celebrations... as well as the arrival of the Joja Corporation. 
This adorable 5.5 x 8.5 inch hardcover graphic novel features:
  • A woodgrain-style cover with embossing and gold foil.
  • Gentle creme-colored paper with brown ink for a natural look.
  • Bilingual (English / Japanese) dialogue throughout the entire story.
  • The inside of the dust jacket doubles as a poster of the cover illustration!
  • Included in each copy of the book is a hand-sealed letter from Grandpa with embossed Pelican Town seal sticker, along with a beautiful illustration of your new farmhouse!
Each page is chock full of little details that really bring the story and the valley to life. We recommend taking time with each page as you read, to make sure you don't miss anything! 

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