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very fun and great purchase

Wonderful scores! I do definitely recommend listening to the arrangements on bandcamp first to make sure they're at your skill level and that you prefer them to the original tracks. I'm a pretty mediocre pianist but this has been a fun challenge for me anyway. Death by Glamour has been my favorite to attempt to learn, though Fallen Down and Determination are the two that are closest to my actual skill level. All of the art in the book is gorgeous too!


its so good i got one for a friend it takes a bit to learn because they are complicated but i like challenges

Not what was expected.

Although the music isn’t bad, it isn’t the original music from the game. It is an adaptation that I recommend you listen to on YouTube beforehand, because I found it very different. Only parts of some of the songs were like the original, and to be honest, this ruined it all for me, because I was expecting the songs from Undertale, not Undertale inspired songs. Apart from that, the artwork was very good though, so if that’s all you’re looking for then this is what you need.

Sorry for any confusion! The arrangements featured in the collections are the artist's interpretations of the original soundtrack. You can listen to them performed on their Bandcamp here: For simpler arrangements, you can try:

Great sound, questionable arrangement quality

I have approximately two decades of piano experience and found these transcriptions to be extremely difficult to read for reasons unrelated to the actual playing difficulty. The linked recordings sound great but the sheet music does a very poor job of providing the overall sound of the pieces. It's so badly transcribed it's almost like a computer listened to the recordings and tried to automatically just write notes in that match the tones.

Some examples:
- It is often unclear which notes are the melody or accompaniment due to poor arranging. Passages often jump between staves in a single musical phrase.
- Notation is all over the place with nonsensical ties and disregard to the stated time signature. Phrasing is poor and melody often jumps between hands without being marked on the paper.
- Instead of modulating to a new key signature when the music requires, the arranger has instead decided to just overuse accidentals, often making a mess of already crowded measures.
- It is unclear which hands play which notes as the flags on notes just seem to go up or down at random in nearly all the transcriptions.
- I have a lot more nitpicks but you get the point.

I have had to make an absurd number of playing notes on this music just to make more sense of it, so I don't recommend it to any beginner. Any intermediate/expert player will instead find this music difficult because of the poor notation quality.

But hey, at least the art is pretty cool.

Great art weird arrangements!

As an art both of these piano books are great. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

As a music book well... The arrangements are incredibly confusing! My piano instructor and I looked at several and upon trying to play them found that they sound almost nothing like the songs in the actual game! I have no idea what this arrangement guy was thinking but this music is just barely Undertale like at best! And at worst is a full page of the same chord over and over again with nothing else. I’m honestly disappointed! I hate leaving a bad review as fangamer has always provided wonderful products and service, but these books are just strange, confusing, and not at all what I expected!

Sorry for any confusion! The arrangements featured in the collections are the artist's interpretations of the original soundtrack. You can listen to them performed on their Bandcamp here:

UNDERTALE Piano Collections - Volume 1

by Materia Collective

$15 - $25
Save $4UNDERTALE Piano Collections - Volume 2

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Materia Collective's official UNDERTALE Piano arrangement collection was arranged by David Peacock and features a beautiful illustrated cover by Nise. 

Add both volumes to your order and save $4!

Volume 1 contains intermediate/advanced piano arrangements of:

  1. Fallen Down
  2. Spear of Justice
  3. It's Raining Somewhere Else
  4. Dummy!
  5. Determination
  6. Uwa!! So Piano
  7. Bonetrousle
  8. Snowy
  9. Alphys
  10. Death by Glamour
  11. Another Medium
  12. Asgore
  13. Megalovania
  14. Hopes & Dreams ~ SAVE The World ~ His Theme
  15. Reunited

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