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Customer Reviews

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The Perfect Christmas Gift!

I got this Toriel figure as a Christmas gift for my cousin, and she LOVED it! It came in perfect condition, and looked stunning even in the box. If you're considering purchasing it, I'd totally recommend! Worth the price, and a wonderful addition to any figure collection. ♡

It's good....

Now, here is why I gave it a 4 star, when I got the full set on my birthday, My toriel figure looked great! Gave it a 5 star. And literally a few days later. I checked on it and she had a pale paint flaw on the top of her right nostril. At first, I thought it was a thing on her, I gently scratched it and nothing happened, then I realized it was paint? I don't know how it got on her or what may have got on her. But im kinda depressed that I'm gonna see that on my lovely toriel figure for the rest of my life. 🥺 So, the rest of the figures are fine, just my toriel figure has a paint flaw, good job fangamer on the figurine.

Goat mom best mom

The figurine is in excellent condition, just like the Undyne one that came yesterday. It is heavy and the quality is pretty good and matches the price. Can't wait to buy from here again!^_^

Fit right into my Amiibo Collection

These are worth the price. Love every single one of them. I still need a Flowey and Papyrus to complete my Undertale little buddies collection.

They also fit right in with my Amiibo collection. Same proportions and I could even add an NFC chip officially say I own some Undertale Amiibo.

Caretaker of the Shelf

As with the other figures, I was impressed with the detail that went into the Toriel little buddy. Her sweet, motherly personality really stands out in this figure. She really is a'door'able! As a plus, If you buy this and the plush, you'll have 'two'-Toriels, right in your own home!

Toriel is sturdier than the skelebro and Frisk figures, and I worry the least about her falling, though none of the four figures have broken.


Toriel Little Buddy

by Undertale


Caretaker of the Ruins.

  • 3.6 inches tall
  • Hand-painted, injection-molded vinyl
  • Removable base
  • Packaged in a windowed collectors box

This official UNDERTALE figurine was modeled by Gijs van Kooten and produced by our friends at Happy Worker.

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