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Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap Vinyl Soundtrack

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Product Description

A cult classic returns on a cult classic format. 

Listen to 40 tracks by Michael Geyre, based on the original work by Shinichi Sakamoto, on two metallic-gold-splatter LPs housed in original art by Ben Fiquet. 

Plus, buy the vinyl and you'll get both a FLAC and 320kbps MP3 digital download right away!

Side A Side C
01. Title
02. Intro
03. The Last Dungeon
04. Vs. Dragon Meka
05. And now
06. Monster-Town
07. It's a Treasure Box
08. Shop
09. Hospital
10. Mind of Hero - Beach
11. Desert Zone
12. The Monster's Lair - Pyramid
13. Vs. Dragon Mummy
21. The Monster's Lair - Daimyo Temple
22. Vs. Dragon Daimyo
23. The Last Dungeon - Encore
24. The Monster's Lair - Palace Part 1
25. The Monster's Lair - Palace Part 2
26. Vs. Dragon Vampire
27. Endless War
28. The Dragon's Trap - Staff Roll
29. Get Item
Side B Side D
14.  Adventure Zone
15.  The Monster's Lair - Tower
16.  Monsterland
17.  Vs. Dragon Zombie
18.  The Monster's Lair - Sunken Ship
19.  Vs. Dragon Captain
20.  Daimyo Garden
30. The Unknown
31. Game Over
32. Gallery
33. The Last Dungeon (Outsider)
34. And Now (Electro)
35. Monster-Town (N'goni Kora Moog)
36. Monster-Town (Recorder)
37. It's a Treasure Box (Piano)
38. Desert Zone (Hard)
39. Adventure Zone (Underground)
40. Endless War (Rhodes)

Additional Arrangements by Romain Gauthier.