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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great product great customer service

The book superb customer service is superb thank you fangamer!

The New Bible

Received this book for Christmas and it's basically like my Bible now. It's fantastic as a guide to the game and includes tons of amazing artwork. It's lengthy too, the people who made this book made sure to cram as much love for Mother 3 into it as possible, and their hard work shows. The pages are of a great quality, and the poster is really cool too. I sort of see what people are talking about when they mention the binding, but it's not as bad as some make it out to be. Unfortunately, the edges of the book were a little damaged in shipping, but I live in Canada so it had a ways to travel anyways, I guess I can't complain that much. (It would maybe be better if in future it was shipped with more protective padding.) As a huge fan of Mother 3, I wasn't going to go without this book one way or another, and if you love Mother 3 as much as I do, I don't see how you can go without it either.

Just wow

This book is amazing. I am going to do my best to put it into words. The people who made this book put so much care into it. Every page is crafted with delicate beauty and so much information. This helps with the game and shows you so many little secrets, like the doorknob, how to make lots of money, and useful items. It is a great walkthrough and showed the maps so you could see where to go. This shows what's best what's worst and has a great index showing all psi, items, and food. This is a great book and would recommend it for any mother 3 fan!!!

Simply amazing

This is more than a players guide, it is a work of art. Everything about this handbook, from the artwork and clay sculptures to the presentation and layout, proves how much love and respect these folks have for this game. I wish all of my video game books had this much effort put into them. Reads almost like a storybook at times. Ordered the Earthbound handbook along with this, which is also a pleasure to read through. Thanks fangamer, that's all I can say.

Great Quality, Well Packaged

I was impressed with how well everything was packaged, and the poster was the book cover itself, so everything was received in perfect condition. The book binding itself isn't the issue, but the book cover itself has obvious crease issues just from opening the book. If you're going to buy this as a fan of Mother 3, in order to keep this book in good condition, I highly recommend buying the digital version as well if you plan on using this to follow along with the Mother 3 english rom hack.

I'm still giving this 5 stars because it's just one of those novel things that's nice to have and a great conversation starter.

MOTHER 3 Handbook

by Fangamer

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The labor of love which launched Fangamer in 2008 is now available for purchase once again: our 272-page English language hardcover player’s guide to the world of MOTHER 3.

  • Foil-stamped, synthetic cloth case binding (with a black satin bookmark built in)
  • "Pork Army" dust jacket which doubles as a tall poster
  • 272 glossy, full-color pages
  • Thousands of custom-designed and hand-drawn maps, diagrams, and illustrations
  • 35-page reference filled with strategy, enemy, item, PSI and food information

Packed with our designer Jon Kay’s incredible design/layout talent, each of the book’s 8 chapters is designed in a unique style, accented with dozens of clay models sculpted by Camille Young (one for every main character and major enemy in the game), NPC and enemy illustrations by Emilio Orsi and Marty Elmer, and item illustrations by Sebastian Hardy.

On top of all that is a team of writers and editors who scoured every corner of the game and converted their knowledge into a helpful, thorough, and enjoyable handbook which will guide you through the world of MOTHER 3 instead of simply spitting out to-do lists.

More information and a free online version at!

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