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Hollow Knight

Talking Grub Plush

by Eyes5

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Scattered all over Hallownest—can you bring them home? 

This official Hollow Knight plush was prototyped by Jenna Post and Eyes5. It stands about 10 inches tall and makes six different sounds when you squeeze it. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Perfect baby

I recently got my girlfriend into hollow knight and she got so attached to the grubs that I had to buy this for her. She was so happy to get it she's been hugging it since she opened the package. It's very soft and the sounds are adorable, and it's the perfect hugging size. It came very quickly in the mail which was very nice. All in all fantastic worm child.

I will die for this grub

I absolutely love this grub! The material is super soft and the sound is actually pretty loud. Shipping was fast and overall I just want to share my appreciation. I can't imagine any fan of the grubs who wouldn't want such an adorable plush. I have named him Christopher and will be getting him a fedora. Thanks fangamer!

Great Customer Service

The grub toy I got was broken. I sent an email and they just sent a new one in three days.

It is a great quality very cute toy/

As a long time collector...

I can honestly say that this is one of the highest quality plushies I've seen. I do love how Grub's talking is very loud and sounds clear. I don't even want to take it out of the bag haha The bag and tags are very well done and are in line with Hollow Knight's theme. I'll also add that I like that in order to make him talk, you just squeeze his belly. It makes holding him on his sides or picking him or setting him down easier since you don't have to worry about setting his sounds off. As other reviews will point out, not being able to replace the batteries is a slight bummer, but it's not a gripe that I consider to be a major concern since I'm not going to be "playing" with him all the time.

If given to a child, I would just inform them that the sound will go out someday. But I think for collectors, it's not a big deal. I can't vouch for the people outside the US, but I felt like $5 for shipping, especially for something that weighs this much and is this size, that's more than fair.

Best grub 2019

I did a bit of research myself before buying my own grubby. Can confirm best grub 2019

is well priced (though shipping is another story, check Cons for shipping)
is a great plush. Loud audible grub grub sounds <3
If you like the grub grub from Hollow Knight and enjoy having a plush or two, this is a great product to pick up (or gift to someone you know)

No feasible way to replace batteries. Aside from undoing the stitching yourself and getting into him, there is no way to replace batteries. I'm not about to perform surgery on my cute little grubby.
Shipping - I'm always skeptical of shipping systems that warn you about Customs fees, shipping delays when shipping outside the US (I'm in Canada), etc... Who wants to spend 70$ to protect their 30$ purchase from shipping errors, etc.. it's easy to see the shipping is probably the worst part of this experience. Because of the low price of the product I was willing to take a risk with the cheapest shipping option (which warns of potential custom fees, etc..) and paid 7$. I got lucky with USPS (very lucky, amirite) and my shipment arrived within a very reasonable time (1week of purchase) with no problems.

TLDR; product is amazing, well priced. Batteries can't be replaced, and shipping is probably the biggest pain to deal with on this site (more-so if you're outside the US).