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Absolutely amazing.

Everything perfect as expected <333


A wonderful, high quality set of pins. I have a few from this collection.

The Wanderer is truly a great addition to any bag or jacket. If you're concerned about the backs provided, you can get safety/lock ones really cheap online so don't let that put you off.

I love my pin and wear him on my jacket.

Great pins, standard backs

This pin set is really great, each pin has an awesome amount of detail and the shipping and service was on time an excellent. Unfortunately, the backings they use are a sort of hard rubber and my knight pin fell off of my bag. I'll be getting some different backs to ensure the rest of my pins don't also fall off, but other than that this is a great addition to a collection!

Great but backing comes off

Loved this pin but was heartbroken to find that the pin fell off on a trip. The backing on these are just a black rubber piece that slides off easily. Other than that great pin.


The little pin comes exactly as detailed in the photos. The size, artwork, and detail are all what you expect them to be. Theres a decent thickness to the pin too so I dont see it breaking any time soon. The Hornet pin I bought came in just the same high-quality.
Thank you Fangamer, for this. I love the extra goodies that come with the pin; a bonus, mini pin, the little token, and the hand drawn artwork. You even took the time to write my name on the artwork. I'm sure someone there is tired of writing names on things but let that person know that it meant a lot to me and I appreciate them. Thank you.

Wanderer Lapel Pin

by Jon Kay


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Hollow Knight Enamel Pin 4-Pack

Put Hollow Knight anywhere—even someplace you'd have trouble platforming on your own. 

This official lapel pin for Team Cherry's new adventure was designed by Jon Kay. It measures 1.5" tall. 

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