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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
You're gonna have a good time with this little guy.

So after some time with the new plush I can safely say that it's pretty well made despite a simple design at first glance. The texture is quite flat yet very soft at the same time (like petting a real dog but not really), the shape is square-ish and not as much huggable compared to Napstablook Pillow Plush.

But it really is a great head pillow thanks to the memory foam, you can rest your head or cover your ears, it certainly dose well to cancel noise.

There is a zipper on the back to take off the cover and wash it but so far no luck, I can't get the thing to zip down.

Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase.
-The design for the plush is unique in a way.
-A soft flat texture
-Great to rest on
-Noise Cancel

-Not really huggable
-Zipper is a challenge to remove
-The width is smaller than expected

Great plushy

A nice and soft plush of the annoying dog. It's even bigger than I expected and perfect for showing my love for Undertale by seeing the annoying dog on my desk every day.

Very soft but needs stronger seam work

I got my annoying dog today, finally had a chance to give this cutey some good soft squeezes, cause foam is nice to handle and his soft material is great against my skin. unfortunately the seam work is not strong and in about 10 minutes of squeezing, poor doggo was givin' a booty hole.
Thankfully I know a little bit of sewing skills and I can take care of this little hole myself, but I want to recommend that these get a stronger seam in the future that way you wont have any returns on such a wonderful bean. <3 I send loves and thank you guys for working so hard on such lovely products


Annoying Dog Memory Foam Plush

by Fangamer

Save $3Annoying Dog Socks

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* (You look at the Fangamer tweet for some sort of explanation, but it's already been absorbed by the dog.)

This official UNDERTALE plush's removable soft cover hides a strangely two-dimensional memory foam interior. For your own good, please keep out of reach of Cell Phones, Legendary Artifacts, and Game Engines...

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