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Bomberman Hero Vinyl Soundtrack

by Mushbuh

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Product Description

Jun Chikuma's Bomberman Hero soundtrack is available for the first time on vinyl from our friends at Ship to Shore! This 28-track collection is pressed on Fire Up-inspired translucent vinyl, a Fangamer exclusive.

Featuring brand-new art from artist mushbuh and a complete mastered score from a new original hardware recording. 

©Konami Digital Entertainment
Side A Side C
1. foehn 15. dark trap
2. supplement 16. mimesis
3. redial 17. i am nitros
4. stage clear 18. tripod
5. monogenic 19. silent pressure
6. oropharynx 20. spiral
7. map clear 21. landlord
22. cosmo space
Side B Side D
8. untitled scene - long 23. zip
9. cell 24. garden's defeat
10. dessert 25. milky
11. realtor 26. beak
12. fatidicc 27. ending
13. wok 28. ooze
14. rescue