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The Brütal Legend soundtrack is back on vinyl!

For the Ormagöden Edition, Peter McConnell's original soundtrack has been newly remastered for vinyl and wrapped up in brand-new art from Lee Petty. This limited edition of 666 records comes with a foldout poster created and digitally signed by Lee Petty. Each one is hand-signed by Tim Schafer.

To our European customers: Black Screen Records and Chipfreq will have a very limited amount of copies for sale. Please follow them on social media for more information.

Side A Side B
1. The Chosen Roadie 11. Thunderhorn
2. 11 O'Clock is A Direction 12. Betrayed
3. Raptor's Veld 13. Sea of Black Tears
4. Lamprey Attack 14. A Creature Shall Rise
5. Spirit of Bladehenge 15. Pile of Skulls
6. Ruins 16. Gather This Great Army
7. Time To Break The Chains 17. Rescue From The Sea of Tears
8. The Big Kiss 18. The Pleasure Tower
9. Blades of Serenity 19. The End?
10. The Spider's Lair 20. Girlfriend (Kabbage Boy)


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