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An increasing stockpile of curious trinkets, gathered from forbidden places

The style of the cover is just astonishing. They show some of the earlier concepts and how some of the ideas came to be and were developed, which was extremely interesting to me. The color quality is impressive on its own. Would recommend to any DD fan.

Very Cool

Every person who has chosen to seriously play this game should get this. The little bits of information and commentary are intruiging and the artwork obviously full of colour and flavour.

Perfect gift

I got this art book for my bf and he was blown away. The quality is amazing , the colors are poping and it came perfectly packaged without any bending or any sort of damage.
Very pleased and i will surely order for this store again.

Darkest Dungeon Art Book


Save $12.50Darkest Dungeon Limited Edition Diorama

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Right now you can get a Darkest Dungeon diorama for 50% off when you buy the art book too!

This official Darkest Dungeon softcover art book features 70 oversized pages of original concept art, design, and notes on the process that took the game from successful Kickstarter to finished product.

Featuring insights from Creative Director Chris Bourassa, Game Design Director Tyler Sigman, and the rest of the team that brought Darkest Dungeon to life. 

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