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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love 'em

Cool clip-on cuddlies, can be combined to create a cheer-bringing chain.

Too cute too handle

I received Myla as a Christmas gift from my gf and I'M IN LOVE
All the plushies I got so far are super high quality and really pleasant to the touch and this one is no exception.
I had no issues with mine so far but I would probably go as far to reccommand switching the plastic hanger for these as they are not too reliable for the long run in my experience. The plastic hangers tend to break rather quickly...
However the little critter itself is absolutely superb and I can't wait to get the other three as soon as I can ❤️

Super cute!

A nice addition to my hollow knight collection. Excited to see what series 2 has in store for us! If only we had a myla plush, though :(

Amazing work... but

What's up with the asymmetry on Hornet's head. To be honest, it looks like one of her "horns" is meant to be longer than the other, unlike her official game sprite's "horns" being symmetrical. But besides that fact, I absolutely ADORE these lil critters.... after cutting the tags off that is.

Thanks for your review! The asymmetry on Hornet's head is a stylistic decision: the Critter Clings are in a more exaggerated style. Our full-size Hollow Knight plushes are more in line with the characters' in-game appearance.

Adorable ornaments

Since my backpack isn't getting any use these days, I decided to try putting these on our Xmas tree. I love them! They have a wholesome handmade feel to them and are high quality.

Hollow Knight

Hornet Critter Cling

by Nina Matsumoto


Protector of Hallownest's ruins, and anything else you can stick a lanyard to.

This official Hollow Knight "Critter Cling" mini-plush was designed by Nina Matsumoto and measures about 4.5 inches tall, not counting the lanyard. Buy our first four Critter Clings together and save!

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