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my beby boi

It's so adorable. I love it, and I will care for him forever. Although, it did take quite some time to get to my location... but the wait was worth it!

my beby boi

It's just adorable. Took a long time to get here though. But it was definitely worth the wait. He's now my beby boi and will always stay safe.

i love him

he came pretty quick! just over a week after i bought him.
im very happy with him! hes VERY soft and a lot bigger than i expected, so thats a huge plus!
the magnets in his hands, nail, and mask are actually pretty strong, they hold very well and only require a bit of force to get them apart!
i will say though that one of the magnets in his head is a bit far for the magnet in the mask to reach, so it doesnt quite stay on his head
theres also something going on with the stitching on the nail (pictured), but im not complaining! overall, im completely satisfied with the product!! hes only my second purchase from fangamer but once i get more money ill absolutely get more stuff!!

A thing of beauty

He's absolutely perfect and I love him


The plush is amazing! I love him very much! The only thing is, his head has three magnets and his mask does too, but the magnet farthest from his face is too far back for the magnet to reach it. I’m not sure if the one in his head is too far back or if the one on the mask isn’t far enough back. I wanted to mention that because none of the other reviews did. Still a five star!

Hollow Knight

Quirrel Plush



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Hollow Knight Plush Combo
And what a time I chose to arrive! This dead world has sprung to life.

This official Hollow Knight plush was prototyped by Jenna Post and Eyes5. Quirrel stands approximately 10" tall and includes a magnetic removable mask and nail.

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