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I had my library buy it and I thought it was pretty good. One major problem though, TYPOS, LOTS and LOTS of TYPOS! In the Papers Please section they mentioned Papers PleasePleases' great style. HOW DID THEY MISS THAT TYPO!? Sorry, I guess I'm kind of a grammar Nazi but the Kanto Field Guide had two or three. This was at least 15 or more. Also I'm not sure if it was just another typo but in multiple sections the writer called it a Rougelite instead of a Rougelike. The art was all great and I hope the artists can draw more stuff. If anything buy it for the artwork. I haven't read the second but I hope I can soon.

Classic modern indie collection

This zine contains a bunch of summaries about classic modern indie games. It nice to see them preserved in such a beautiful way when games come and go each day. Highly recommended :)


This book is hands down the most informational book about indie games out there.

This book introduced me to amazing games I'd never even HEARD about before, such as Skullgirls(one of the best fighting games I've ever played), Hyper Light Drifter(The best visuals and one of the best stories ever), and Night in the Woods(my new all-time favorite video game).

If you want to be introduced to a ton of amazing indie games, I'd say this book is a must-have. Also, the art is amazing.

Indie G Zine

by Julián Quijano

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An illustration anthology dedicated to some of the best classic and upcoming indie games, Indie G Zine features art, interviews, and notes about more than 50 games that have defined the indie scene.

After a successful Kickstarter, this 122-page, full-color tribute to indie games is now available for purchase!