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Spelunky 2 Minis When?

I've always wanted these since the HD days, but a few months ago in the era of Spelunky 2, I splurged and bought a Caveman, a Yeti, and a Yeti King, and they're everything I could've hoped for! Now when a shopkeeper jumps me in Volcana, a caveman can always be with me.

These are ADORABLE and really nice to the touch! They're really nice to have, and my only problem is that they have a sort of "seam" atop them--it's not too noticeable in some cases like my Yeti King, and in most lighting you have to basically be looking for it, but it can definitely be a problem for if you stim like me (unless, of course, you find joy in messing with that seam... also like me).

My only question is, if we can't get a reprint of these HD ones, when can we get a Spelunky 2 set? I would sacrifice to the great Kali for a Desk Ana and a Desk Monty!

Perfect for board games!

Aside from the figures being super nice, they make great board game pieces for a spelunky-deathmatch board game im making, I hope there will be a new set for spelunky 2 soon!!

Wish Spelunky Guy was Restocked !!!

Great set! love this game and have 2 full sets except for missing the main Spelunky Guy (SOLD OUT!!)
hope you guys RESTOCK him soon, thank you so much

Great little figures

Got Spelunky guy and the shopkeeper, they both look great!

Just what i wanted!

with Spleunky 2 coming out and having just beat Spleunky, i figured it was the perfect time for me to get one of these since i just love this game so dang much.
The figurine itself is great and the paint job on it was flawless. The box that it comes with too is pretty neat, I even put it up on my bookshelf, ha ha!
All and all, i don't regret this purchase one bit and maybe i'll even get another one someday.
here's hoping a new series of these come soon!

Spelunky Minis

by Derek Yu

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Spelunky Minis are back! This new set features an all-new run of the original 10 figurines and adds four brand-new bosses to give your classic Minis the scare of their tiny, PVC lives.

Each figure ranges from 1.6 to 2.25 inches tall and comes in one of two collectible boxes. Buy your favorites individually or grab the complete set while you can—these will last about as long as your first game of Spelunky.  

Series 1

  • Spelunky Guy (Sold out!)
  • Damsel
  • Shopkeeper
  • Tunnel Man
  • Caveman
  • Jiang Shi
  • Yeti
  • Mantrap
  • Frogs
  • Idol

Series 2

  • Old Bitey
  • Alien Lord
  • Yeti King
  • Anubis

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