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Customer Reviews

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She's always with me

This Delta Rune pin is a great collector's item for anyone who enjoyed Undertale and especially for those who enjoyed the character Toriel.

Nicely made, if a bit big.

Ah pins! How I love them so! The most underrated in unisex jewelry - more subdued than brooches and less showy (and formal) than cufflinks.

This one is purple enamel on nearly-reflective silver, with bevels. That's right, the silver parts are raised and the purple parts depressed!

Now, it is a little bit on the big side (about 34mm by widest diameter) - nothing inherently wrong with that, I guess I like like 'em a little smaller.

My biggest problem is that I only have one, and I don't want to open it. I think a second one will fix that, then I can finally wear it! Once the 'Worst Employee' pins come back in stock I think I might purchase the set of three, then get the new pair of mugs to score a free 'Annoying Dog' pin.

Maybe I should get two 'Worst Employee' pins, too.

Perfect condition with one minor scratch

Arrived within one week with my SteamWorld Dig Lapel Pin, love the high quality of the pin. It would be a nice addition for my Gaster cosplay at the RTX Sydney/Supernova Qld this year.
Very nice grip on the pin with the two rubber pin holders. The only issue I did have with the pin was it came with a tiny amount of grime (I think?), but didn't take too long to get rid of it.

Nice and shiny

It arrived safely to Portugal.
It's bigger than I had imagined, which is a pleasure. Very well done, love the silvery and purple color, it holds on well (I'm always afraid to loose pins). Can't stop looking at it.
I can now show I'm qualified to help anyone through the Ruins.
Well done, good job guys. Now I wait for the other part. Thanks!


Delta Rune Lapel Pin

by Undertale

Sold out!

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Let people know you're qualified to help them through the ruins. 

This official UNDERTALE lapel pin measures 1.25" x 1.3". 

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