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Based on 6 reviews
This cookbook IS LEGIT

I waited a long time for this to be published, then I ordered it and my order got lost in the mail and so I waited even longer (thanks to fangamer for having excellent customer service and sending me another copy!!) and let me say- IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT. Every recipe I have made so far has been flat out delicious. The design is adorable and thoughtful. I would recommend this to any level of cook!!!! Included a photo of the cookie recipe! Soooo good!!

A little disappointing...

I had been looking forward to this for a long time, but I was a little disappointed when it came in. I had checked the kickstater, and it mentioned certain recipes by name that did not make it in. Like hot ice cream. Also, one of the stretch goals was "Lost in translation" items, such as Strawberry Tofu. However, it does not give a recipe for this, just simply mentions it by name, and talks about certain changes items went through. Cool, but a simple internet search could tell you that. But what really disappointed me was that many of the things are regular foods, just decorated to look like mother items, and in some cases, not even that. Many items were left out in favor of things you can find a recipe for anywhere, such as hamburgers and cookies. I'm not saying that there aren't good, unique things in there. I am saying that I wish there were more unique things then there are. I was definitely happy with the recipes that you COULDN'T find anywhere else (Such as Mani Mani's regrub), I just wish there were more. So basically, if you're looking for a good cookbook, you've found one. If you're looking for a cookbook that is completely unique recipes that you can't find anywhere else, this isn't really it.

Thank you!

Loving this book! The recipes so far have been great, and the book includes so many of those food items found in the game.
What they have done with the Lucky Sandwich was very clever :) This cookbook is packed full of art & cute little details which reference the inspiring material. I wish I had thought of this- great job to the team responsible!

I Never Thought I'd Buy A Cookbook!

I bought this as a Mother's Day gift to myself but actually I can't cook so I'll probably ask my Mom to make some of the recipes for me! (JK) I was impressed with the quality and care put into this; the overall design of the book is really great and does well honoring the source material. The best part is (obviously) its inspiration from the Earthbound/Mother series which is entirely the reason I bought it! However, if I were to have only a couple complaints, it does stretch just a couple of things to fit within the Mother theme; which is understandable but I was surprised to see a few of the official recipes (there are KS backer submitted recipes included) wasn't actually a food item that existed in the game and simply given a name that relates (New Age Retro Hummus, for example) which I could totally understand if there weren't enough in-game food items to base recipes off of but I was sad to see a few "real" items left out... NO PSI CARAMEL?!! NO CALORIE STICK?!! Which I'd be more forgiving if caramel is too hard too bake (although there's a recipe for Pink Cloud Cotton Candy, also made up, which is apparently very hard to make- so difficulty wasn't an issue) and I suppose the Calorie Stick would lend itself to interpretation (I always envisioned something like churros) but there are definitely weirder recipes in here! Not to sound harsh, I really do love it but just some minor things in an otherwise wonderful book. I guess you can't have your [magic] cake and eat it too!

Pretty Great with some issues

This is a great book for Mother fans who love to cook. Many fun recipes that everyone can enjoy from your dog to the adults. Only complaint I have is they put five burger recipes. They were almost exactly the same and could have been put them all onto two pages and included other new recipes. I'm disappointed there was no recipe for Open Sesame Tofu with oil. Other then that I love it and you should definitely give it a buy.

Mother's Cookbook

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Delicious burgers, new recipes, world cuisine, beautiful food photography, and heartwarming charm await you. Welcome to Mother's Cookbook—a professionally made cookbook filled with original recipes, delicious nostalgia, and beautiful photography, inspired by a cult classic video game.

This comprehensive cookbook will take you on an incredible, edible adventure with delightful flair, and every recipe is mom-made and mom-approved. Give it a taste!

Written by Hillary Froemel and featuring original recipes from Bryan Connor.